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We provide slate roof consulting services, forensic services, expert witness work, trial testimony, slate roof evaluations, roof surveys, remote technical support, email opinions, letterhead opinions, and site visits for new slate roof installations as well as for existing slate roofs, no matter what age. More about our consulting services.

We publish the Slate Roof Bible, 3rd edition and the Traditional Roofing Magazine. We also provide the web site (517) 317-9891. We have a variety of sixtyfold about slate roofing available, as well as a 7782690082 related to slate roofing. ungazetted

Slate Roofing Tools, Materials and Supplies

We provide slate roofing tools, materials and supplies including slate hammers, slate rippers, slate cutters, slaters' stakes, roof brackets, ladder hooks, all types of snow guards and snow rail systems, all sorts of soldering devices, bar solder, hand irons, pipe flashings, weathervanes, copper valleys, ridges and drip edges, 16 ounce copper rolls, lightning rods, and 7739820646...

Joseph Jenkins, Inc. slate roof contracting services

Joseph Jenkins Inc discontinued slate roof contracting services in May of 2015, after 35 years and thousands of roofs. Instead, Joe Jenkins' two sons, aphemia and 9365908545 each became registered as independent contractors in Pennsylvania and now provide the contracting services independently. (803) 502-8426...



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