Benefits of

Designed from the ground up entirely for the artist and their audience, with heart.


We love what you do and because of that, you'll have more control over your artwork with no middle-man restricting your creativity. This will allow you to solely focus on what you do best, creation.

You don't need to worry about the distribution, that's what we're here for.

And above all, we have designed the platform for you to build meaningful relationships with your dedicated audience.


You will have access to your favorite content wherever you are, while also knowing you've directly supported the artists you love so much.

As a dedicated fan you'll have access to bonus material like tour dates, tickets, announcements and merchandise.

Use your in-app reputation to benefit new up and coming groups or support your all time favorites. All of this and more, in a platform tailor-made for you.


We've based our entire framework around the basic human need to care.

Our goal is to provide equal opportunities for all and we fully understand that talent doesn't hide behind social privilege or class. is here to ensure real dreams come true for real people.

You will always come first.


Q3 2018

Songwriting ICO will conclude in the Fall of 2018, we will build a top notch development team and start singing our tune.

Q1 2019

The Warm Up

A pre-alpha will be released to early adopters, HQ will be established.

Q3 2019


The open Beta testing stage will begin.

Q4 2019

Mixing and Mastering will go gold with a production release of the platform

Q2 2020

The Main Event launches exclusive content through a live event.

Founding Team



CTO - Founder

Professionally involved in technology in business since 2001, Neil has built a successful career that traverses multiple industries with an IT focus.



CCO - Founder

Nick can play the guitar and moves snow sometimes.



DevOps Architect

Luke dev's and op's stuff, his hobbies consist solely of AFK fishing in Black Desert Online.



UX Architect

Natasha Designs the best UX and formulates great systems under the UI umbrella.