Amos Satterlee is a New York based artist. His work explores his fascination with grids as tools to establish order and, at the same time, to peel back layers. Satterlee's current work investigates the realms of cellular autmota; he takes a deductive approach: collecting data, establishing a hypothesis, and then presenting findings as aesthetic objects. Previous work, here shown through the animated GIFs, are more intuitive meditations on the structures of grid and time. While firmly within the canon of geometric abstraction, Satterlee's inspriations come from the intracies of the mandala process and the time-dimension fluidity of classical Japanese brush work.

Satterlee's printing studio is in Brooklyn, New York. He has shown mostly recently at AIRPLANE and Cententto in Bushwick, NY. Satterlee did undergraduate studies at Carnegie-Mellon University and University of California.