Location Based Social Networking App – How It Functions and Its Significance

With almost whole globe accessing the online social networks via mobile devices, location based social networking applications have become an important part for extending the communication and expanding the social channels. The widespread utilization of positioning technologies like GPS on Smartphones and many other mobile devices has fostered the use of real-time location updates in mobile applications and location based services. Geolocation based networking provide a seamless platform of updating user’s location, which is visible by friends on clicking and searching for a set of venues in the geographical proximity of the current location.

What is Location Based Social Networking Applications?
Location based apps or proximity based mobile apps work in a manner to deliver informative and true online content based on user’s physical location. There are various technologies that count for the progress of such geolocation apps like, GPS, mobile infrastructure, wireless access point, etc.where is xur Such technologies point to identify the active devices in proximity of your location, and you get leverage to choose & share that information with location based social networking applications.

Such applications provide you with resources such as your location mark on the city map, reviews for places in the city visited by your friends, a nap alarm that triggers when you reach specific stop on the commuter train or notifications about nearby bottlenecks in traffic. Proximity based mobile apps also notify your location to your friends in a social network, tempting those nearby to meet for a dinner or coffee.
While such applications create a great opportunity for users to get connected, they also provide highly targeted marketing opportunity for retailers offering social-rich content to the customers. Location based apps provide position-based & filtered online information to the customer, thereby enhancing their business opportunities.

How the Application Functions?
Location based app is very easy to install on your Smartphone and other mobile devices. Depending on the GPS, cellphone infrastructure, carrier towers or wireless hotspot, the effectiveness of position tracking will be defined. Each of these methods has trade-offs, and the most accurate and reliable services use more than one method.

When you elect to use a location service, the notification is sent to location-aware application that functions to provide resource based on your geographical location. Also, the app forwards your positions to all the active members in your social friend-list so as to connect and share content with them.

Importance of Location based Social Networking Applications
In the era, where users are finding new ways to interact with their physical environment, such application provides an interactive and educational platform that connects and guides users with new places and people. Finding places and meeting people of your interest was never so easy. Moreover, while exploring a new city or country, the app acts as a travel guide helping users finding places and famous landmarks of their own.

The app even allows users to share their experience and drop a review for their peers to know more about that place. Alternatively, app avails users with nearby events, deals or gatherings from retailers via push notifications. Hence, location-aware content offers promotion of goods and services tailored to the convenience of users.

Offering great amount of data about the physical environment through which user moves, location based apps have become effective at predicting what user want when? Leverage of air-posting i.e. adding own comments, has made nearby geolocation very much handy to users with a little contribution. Thus, the convergence of social networking and location based services has driven significant change across the mobile computing landscape.

Technologists are formulating new methods and delivering new versions of such apps to ensure that accurate data is shared and provided on the air. With the motive of connecting and educating people, geolocation based mobile apps are increasingly being downloaded and adopted by users. Providing real-time data and location-specific offerings, location based app is widely being employed as on the go companion among its users.

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