The Chief Architecture Officer

The primary page effects for chief officer on google encompass:

Leader executive officer
Chief data officer
Chief petty officer
Leader financial officer
Chief happiness officer ()
The subsequent web page continues with chief procurement officer, chief safety officer, leader operational officer and chief risk officer or chief skills officer also are in use probably to be determined some pages further…

But what about the chief architecture officer?

Architecture is the engineering-art of building and transposed to the commercial enterprise world (business structure, organisation structure, records structure, what have you) that is approximately who your enterprise is constructed by human beings, structures, infrastructure, and so forth.

We continuously build teams and feature “positive” meetings while there are also conditions where one crew is not aware about what the others are doing; what effects is double work, half completed initiatives and contracts all around the paintings-area in which people no longer recognize every other Fractional CMO.

Knowledge is something where language is worried and speaking one language wherein humans from one-of-a-kind cultural backgrounds (sales, ict, human sources, advertising, customer support, operation, distribution) recognize every other is a challenge that most businesses have to resolve. But are regularly incapable of.

The language of structure offers this sort of layout where stakeholders within the process can construct every with their background but in the direction of a unmarried creation. “a pattern language,” written by the architect christopher alexander is one instance inside the global of bodily homes. But it need to also be possible to increase this type of language inside the enterprise international. If human beings might handiest agree on a few suggestions…

Recently i discovered approximately a financial institution who appointed a chance officer whose task it changed into to peer whether the profile of a brand new commercial enterprise (improvement) would truly match the hazard-go back profile of the business enterprise. These things have in no way been an problem, but it’s far one of the first sports of architecture; the test whether business sports suit the profile of the corporation.

I do not assume that a enterprise ought to introduce roles or characteristic of architects, like business architect or facts architect, or business enterprise architect… So long as what’s being build fits what is wanted. That your business enterprise is supporting the right commercial enterprise in an green and effective manner.

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